Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

fingersmithSet in Victorian England, Fingersmith is a story about deception, madness, and theft.  Sue Trinder, a poor orphan in London, is approached by a conman for help in stealing a magnificent fortune.  His plan is to install Sue as the maid to Miss Maud Lilly, a rich and naive young woman, and then use her to aid in Maud’s seduction.  Once he has successfully married Maud, they will have Maud declared crazy, lock her in a madhouse, and then share her riches between them.  Their plot is foolproof — that is, until Sue begins caring for Maud.

“There is no patience so terrible as that of the deranged.  I have seen lunatics labour at endless tasks — conveying sand from one leaking cup into another; counting the stitches in a fraying gown, or the motes in a sunbeam; filling invisible ledgers with the resulting sums.  Had they been gentlemen, and rich — instead of women — then perhaps they would have passed as scholars and commanded staffs.”

Sarah Waters is the author of six novels: Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith, Affinity, The Night Watch, The Paying Guests, and The Little Stranger.  Born in Wales, she currently lives in London.

Published:  2002
Length:  576 pages
Set in:  London, England



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