The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta

the joys of motherhoodThe Joys of Motherhood is the story of Nnu Ego, a mother struggling to raise her family amid the changing landscape of Nigerian society.  Raised in a small rural village, she finds the noise and rush of Lagos disconcerting, and pours all her energy and hopes into her oldest son — the son who is expected, in turn, to care for her as she ages.

“In Ibuza sons help their father more than they help their mother.  A mother’s joy is only in the name.  She worries over them, looks after them when they are small; but in the actual help on the farm, the upholding of the family name, all belong to the father.”

Buchi Emecheta is a Nigerian author, professor, and publisher.  Her novels include The Joys of Motherhood, The Bride Price, and The Slave Girl.

Published:  1979
Length:  224 pages
Set in:  Nigeria



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