Just So Happens by Fumio Obata

just so happensYumiko has lived in London for years, where she has established a career as a designer and fallen in love.  But when she receives news that her father has died in a mountaineering accident, she returns to her native Japan for the funeral.  While there, she confronts the conflict between her new life and her familial and cultural history.  In this graphic novel, Obata’s delicate, beautiful art can sometimes overshadow his plot.

Fumio Obata is a comic book author, animator, and visual artist.  Born in Tokyo, he has lived in the UK since 1991.

Excerpt: just-so-happens-fumio-obata-page

Image © Fumio Obata and Jonathan Cape.

Published:  2014
Length:  160 pages
Set in:  Tokyo, Japan



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