“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.
They are the destination, and the journey.
They are home.”

– Anna Quindlen
How Reading Changed My Life

Reading has the power to both transport us to foreign lands and show us new sides of our own beloved places.  Read the World was created to help readers find books about the places they’re most interested in visiting.


Why are there no books listed for [country] or [state]?

Our book archives are hand-selected, which means we’ve read each of the books listed and can recommend them all.  If we read a book that we find lacking for any reason, we don’t list it, even if it would fill in a country or state we don’t currently have featured.  We’re adding books all the time, however, and always welcome suggestions from  readers.

Why is [book] not also listed under [country] even though part of it is set there?

We try to always list books based on their main settings.  If a book takes place in multiple countries, our general rule is to list it in our archives under those countries in which the book dedicates at least a quarter of its length.  However, there may be a few exceptions to this rule.

Why is [country] listed in two categories?

We have chosen to list a few countries in multiple categories for ease of use for our readers.  For example, Egypt is listed under both Africa and Middle East, as it is a transcontinental country with cultural and linguistic ties to the Middle East.  If you’re curious about why we’ve chosen a certain category for a country, please ask.

Does Read the World accept review copies of books directly from authors or publishers?

No, we currently don’t accept any review copies, as our strict standards mean we cannot guarantee that we will list it on the site after reading.

How did Read the World begin?

Read the World was created by Rayna Clarke in 2015 as a resource for other readers who value diversity in their reading lives.  From 2011 to 2014, she published a personal book blog of reviews, and has remained active in the online book community.

How can I contact Read the World?

Twitter:  @read_the_world
Instagram:  @read.the.world
Facebook:  facebook.com/readtheworldofficial
Email:  info (at) readtheworld (dot) org

Affiliate Link Disclosure:

Read the World may receive a commission for products purchased through the links to online retailers on our site.  We are never paid to advertise or recommend a book, and no advertiser influences the content of our site.

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